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Options – invest in systems

We offer 5 different versions:

IRON – Simple calculator for your website – along with editor and order handling feature. This system can be used throughout many different busineses. Any where there are are special need for defining a product by length – width – depth – diffrent edges – build-in features into product.

COPPER – For you who take the step further into the digital world: Along with the features from IRON solution – you get the easy the use/handle/edit website along the calculators from Instantprice program

SILVER – Now, you are on the way to create big business in the line of tailormade worktops/countertops.
In addition to the first to versions, you now get the full education and training in handling tailormade tops using specially designed template system. Digitizing it locally for your and your customers safety. Lower the margin of errors in few days!

GOLD – Your competitors are now starting to having huge trouble – because now, they will loose the chance of your accuracy, Expertise, and fast taking measurement on site. You will now be trained in using digital equipment with accuracys of a meesly 4/100 of the mm.
Your error margins in making perfect fitted countertops/worktops, will now drop to probably below 1% after full training in Denmark.

PLATINUM – No need to start here – but those who do – they will speed up order management – and the savings of staff will be transferred directly into bigger profits on the bottom line!
Fully integrated system with all of the above features, but with a huge difference; A specially designed CRM system with build-in e-mails system. Never again, you will have the risk of double handling mails/orders.
No more risk of  swapping drawings after editing them. No more risk of sending wrong drawings to productions or customers.
Based on e-mails – system will now control all risky handling of orders.
Simple button based system for expedition of orders.
One employee will now have a value of 3- 5 persons!

This system is a well known system in Denmark and has been proving it's worth for 14 years of dedicated business in the field of special tailormade countertops/worktops.